What is the difference between National Parks and State Parks?

National Parks are federally protected areas that are preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. They’re owned by all Americans, including you! State Parks are run by individual states and vary in size. National Parks have more restrictions to protect the land while state parks offer a wider range of outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

National Parks: 

  • Are federally protected
  • Allowed only one vehicle per day on most roads
  • Have no hunting or fishing allowed inside park boundaries
  • Must be free to enter (no fee)

State Park:

  • Can be privately owned, publically-owned or managed by a local government agency such as a city or county office. They can also operate in cooperation with other levels of gov’t including state
  • The type and level of ownership vary based on the specific situation but these entities are vital to any community because they provide essential services like law enforcement that keep us safe from harm!

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