Ways To Make Outdoor Grilling Nature-Friendly

Grilling is a common thing that most households do during their summertime. Most people find exquisite to grill meat behind their backyard and spending time with their families and friends. However, results show that barbecues toll the environment. Sierra Club indicates that around 60 million barbecues that happen one day in each year produce carbon dioxide exceeding over 200,000 metric tons. The pollution mostly comes from lighter fuels, charcoal and gas power. Therefore, grilling has posed a great threat to the environment. However, you don’t have to fry hamburger patties or boil coins during your summer outing to protect the planet. Follow these tips to ensure that your summer barbecue is nature-friendly.

Change your grill
Charcoal grill tends to produce more carbon dioxide compared to any other grill. So, if you use charcoal grills for your barbecues, think of grills powered by electricity or gas. Such grills burn cleaner, reducing environmental impact. The most nature-friendly choice is solar grills and cooks. Although they take longer to cook your corns and hot dogs, unlike electric, charcoal or gas grills, they do not need a non-renewable resource for their power.

Change your charcoal
It’s a fact that most people own charcoal grills. Most people love them because they add smoky flavor to the meals. But, it is costly to nature. Charcoal briquettes usually have coal dust and various chemical additives. However, it is possible to find briquettes that are produced from invasive trees such as bamboos. This charcoal is able to produce char-grilled flavors without emitting toxins to the atmosphere.

Douse the flames
If you are using charcoal for your outdoor grilling party, do not allow the charcoal to continue burning even after the last the batches of food have been cooked. If the grill is not cooking, turn it off. It will save you charcoal to use next time as well as take care of nature.

Clean green
Proper grill cleaning will maintain the grill for long. Ensure you clean it while it is still hot to remove grimes from hot dogs, burgers and veggie skewers. You can make your grill sparkle by using biodegradable grill cleaner which is nontoxic instead of petroleum-based cleaners. It is also advisable to clean grill with onion. It is an effective and Eco-friendly mean.

Avoid wastes
During your outdoor grilling party, consider using reusable silverware and dishes instead of disposable ones. There is no harm if you wash some few dishes after the event. However, if you have a big event, using your own reusable dishes might be impossible. So, go for biodegradable plates and utensils. These particular utensils have no negative threat to the environment. After all, they are biodegradable.

Having all these tips in your mind, you can now be able to enjoy your summer outdoor cooking to the fullest without fear of affecting the environment. It is important to know that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment. If we destroy nature, soon nature will destroy us too. So, ensure you make your outdoor grilling more eco-friendly for the safety for all people.

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