Ontraport: The Best Marketing Features for Fundraising Activity

Ontraport has made fundraising better and easier compared to traditional fundraising strategies. Ontraport has great features that could help you a lot with campaign. You reach to a wider network in just a simple automated email system compared to letter writing which has a limited number of recipients at a higher cost. The automation services in the marketing software ensure you can develop subscribers’ lists for your database to communicate future fundraising campaigns. Here are some of the features essential for fundraising strategies

Design a Fundraising Campaign

The marketing tool has different templates to suit different campaign tools like fundraising. You just fix the words and customize it to suit your audience and the design is complete. It also has visual effect tools to offer aesthetic value to the fundraising campaign posters.

Lead Generation

The software allows you to get and store Email addresses, telephone contacts, and other communication channels to act as contact database for all your subscribers. The lead generation channels allow you to store up to 100, 000 subscribers and classify them into different funnels to help in customization of different campaigns

Email Automation

It also has an Email marketing automation tool, which can send Emails to all recipients within a funnel within your subscribers’ lists. You are able to track and monitor all actions taken in the fundraising campaigns sent. It also provides notifications in case there are some queries and actions you are required to handle. Another thing is, it is the best solution for marketing and sales team. 

Social Media Integration

Social media offers the best platform to interact with recipients get feedback and get positive criticism for better future fundraising strategies. The software had a Facebook integration to allow you to move directly to the social media site to share about the upcoming fundraising event. This increases the target audience for increases participation and contacts for successful fundraising.

WordPress Hosting

Blog content is a great platform to offer content to your clients. The current marketing strategy is through informative articles through blogs. WordPress is a great platform for blog hosting. The fundraising can be advertised through the WordPress hosting to increase their target audience; with other plugins and social interaction platforms, WordPress hosting acts as an avenue in the dissemination of information about the upcoming fundraising. It has been proven to be a successful platform for marketing fundraising campaigns.

Membership Sites

Fundraising tools have different components. There are financial donations, material donations, volunteers, expertise donations among other components. Ontraport membership sites help you to configure the fundraising campaign such that every Email recipients fits in any of the components without cluttering everything in one platform; this helps in easy fundraising management and response for the overall success of the fundraising. It is an efficient tool for accountability purposes since it also ensures every client has a customized response based on the components he fits in.

Ontraport offers the most efficient and effective fundraising management because of the diverse features the marketing software offers. The pricing plan is also affordable for charity organizations that lack a budget for marketing as opposed to corporate businesses. It is the best choice to run your fundraising activities successfully.

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