How To Grill At Home In An Eco-Friendly Way

Grilled food tastes better than the usual fried dishes. It makes it juicier and appealing to the eye. Most people are also having their own barbeque parties from their homes to get together with some friends and family. It is a very good way to do bonding moments while enjoying the outdoors and cook your grandmothers recipe as well.

The question is, are we still being eco-friendly whenever we have our barbeque parties? If you are not sure if your method is polluting the environment or not, then it is best to learn how to find more coo-friendly ways to grill at the horn. Don t worry, this will be an easy-to-use griller even for novice cooker like you so that you can still enjoy without hurting the planet.
Here are the ways on how to grill at home in an eco-friendly way,

  1. Gas Grills
    Natural gas can be less harmful to the environment as it does not produce too much smoke like the usual charcoal grill. It can also heat up faster and can be more economical since you can just fill up a refillable tank or connect it to your gas line so that you can have it ready whenever you feel like grilling.
  2. Electric Grill
    This can be another alternative that you can use when you want to eat grilled food but still be conscious of the environment. It will be best to use a solar panel to produce electricity for it so that you will not have to resort to the usual source of electricity which is not eco-friendly.
  3. Pellet Grill
    A pellet grill is almost the same as electric grill since it also needed electricity to produce heat. But you will just need a small amount of wood and charcoal so it is less damaging than the usual way. Solar panels can be the source of electricity for this as well to make it a greener option.
  4. Hardwood
    This is the lesser evil way than using charcoal when grilling. It can prevent the use of added chemicals and carbon from the usual charcoal. You can use natural gas to fire it up so that it will not be as harsh as using the lighter fluid type of gas.
  5. Pan Grill
    It can be the safest and the most eco-friendly way to still cook your grandmother’s recipe. Not only it will good for the environment but it can also be better for your health. Carcinogens are often found in grilled dishes since the meat can burn easily under the usual grill. Using the pan grill, you can just heat up your stove and still achieve the smokey taste by the way you cook it.

Remember, it is not the act of grilling that causes harm in our environment but the materials we use to achieve that smokey flavor of the food we grill. You can still enjoy the grilled recipes as long as you make a conscious effort to choose which can be the best way to do this in an eco-friendly manner.

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