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Visit the Lake County Museum to learn about the history of this beautiful county

As a tourist, you want to learn about the history of Lake County. The Lake County Museum is the perfect destination for this! With exhibits that showcase some of our most famous residents and events, as well as an interactive area where you can explore the museum on your own or with friends, there’s something for everyone at this great establishment.

Lake County Museum is a nice place to visit when you are in Lake County. The museum offers tours, exhibits and programs for the whole family. There is always something new happening at the museum so be sure to check out their calendar before your next trip through town.

The museum has a variety of artifacts from different eras including vintage clothing, antique toys and World War II memorabilia which can all be displayed on loan or purchased by donation. All proceeds go back into the community to fund future projects like renovation of our historic schoolhouse building for use as an educational facility that will teach about the history of education in this area.  So come on over and take a look around!

Go biking on the trail that runs alongside the lake

If you’re looking for an activity that’s different from the usual tourist attractions, then biking on a trail alongside the lake is perfect for you. You can bike along and enjoy the scenic view of Lake County without having to worry about traffic or other distractions!

This is an awesome opportunity to get out and explore the outdoors. The trail system around Lake County offers everything from tours of the beautiful landscapes, to family-friendly trails that are safe for younger kids. If you’re looking to get some exercise without having to worry about traffic or other hazards, then biking on a trail might just be your answer. You can even rent bikes at one of the many scenic viewpoints!

Stop by one of Lake County’s many wineries and sample some delicious wines

Lake County has a lot to offer for tourists and locals alike. One of the most popular attractions is our many wineries. Stop by one of these great tasting rooms and sample some delicious wines from all over the world! You’ll be glad you did!

Lake County is one of the most scenic and historic places in Illinois. With its rolling hills, lush forests, and picturesque lakes, it’s no wonder that so many visitors come to Lake County year after year. If you’re looking for a new experience or just want to explore a little bit more of this great county, stop by one of Lake County’s many wineries and sample some delicious wines! Whether you are stopping on your way through town or staying for an extended period of time, these wineries offer something for everyone. And with so much variety from which to choose – reds, whites, sweet wines – there is sure to be something here that will suit your taste buds perfectly! So why wait? Get out there today and enjoy.

Enjoy an afternoon with family and friends at any number of parks in Lake County

Lake County is home to some of the most breathtaking parks in Illinois including Grosse Pointe Park. This park has a variety of amenities, such as hiking trails and an archery range. If you’re looking for a more interactive experience, head over to Yo-Yo Hill Prairie Nature Preserve where you can go on a guided walk with one of our volunteers or take part in one of the many programs we offer!

Visiting these parks will make for an unforgettable day that your friends and family are sure to love.

Lake County has a number of parks that have something for everyone. From the water to the woods, you can find a natural retreat in any season. This post will introduce some of our favorite spots for enjoying an afternoon with family and friends.

Albee Square Park

A wonderful place to take your kids on a hot summer day or just enjoy the shade during those dog days of summer, Albee Square Park is known as one of Lake County’s most popular parks because it offers so much more than just grassy fields! With two playgrounds, three baseball diamonds, four soccer fields and plenty of open space where kids can run around freely without worrying about cars zooming by them on busy streets this park has something for all ages.

Explore our county

The cool architectural gems of Lake County are an inspiring and breathtaking wonder.