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The Fox River Grove’s Bettendorf Castle

This is a unique structure that was developed in 1938 by Ted Bettendorf, a Luxembourgian immigrant. The construction took thirty five years. But, Bettendorf didn’t live to see his building completed because he died in the 1960s before it was finished.

Wadsworth’s Gold Pyramid House

The Gold Pyramid House provides a replica of a King Tut tomb, tours, and Egypt’s legendary water. Waukegan’s Club Tiki uses the water to prepare it vodka.

Lincolnshire’s Par-King Miniature Golf

Despite its impeccable and iconic architecture, Par-King Miniature Golf is an award-winning golf course. It has received several accolades from the Daily Herald, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Travel Channel, the Golf Digest, and USA Today, among others.

Zion’s Shiloh House

The house is always well-decorated for self-guided tours and the holidays.You can also visit the house for a cup of tea with the squad on specific days. The house accepts donations and offers free admissions of visitors.

Clear Lake

The Lake County is also home to several lakes that have been preserved, explaining its name. Some of the lakes include:

Lake County was awesome! Even though I’d been there 3x before, I saw so much I did not even know about or missed on previous trips.  Clear lake were one of those places.  So much history and all of the archaeological sites are of particular interest to me. Of course, The fox river grove’s Bettendorf castle, Wadsworth’s gold pyramid house, Zion’s Shiloh house, and etc. were all their usual greatness! And so much more!! Meir and Stan were my Fabulous guide and escort, as you know.  They both worked so hard and so extremely well. I just can’t rave enough about them!  Just outstanding! I’m grateful that I was on that bus. Thank you for all you did to prepare such a fabulous trip for us.  

Rick and Gwenn

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The cool architectural gems of Lake County are an inspiring and breathtaking wonder.