Your dog as one of the most effective stress reliever

Psychologists advise the best way to unwind after a hard day’s work is not to sit reluctantly watching television or burying yourself on the phone to catch up on social media platforms but to play around with a pet, cat or dog. The pet enthusiasm has a stress relieving effect making you forget the daily worries and life challenges.

Most dog owners admit that the strong relationship they create with the dogs helps relieve stress since they provide a relaxing mood and happy environment as you explore different skills they possess.

It has been proved that spending time with the dog creates a contentment feeling ideal for the human soul because the brain relaxes and balances the effect by producing stress-relieving hormones. Visit this page for more information:

You can also opt to take an evening walk with the dog, apart from exercise it gives the animal –human interaction allows you to deviate the mind from normal routine and worries about a tough upcoming task but just allow you to appreciate the environments and what nature has to offer.

Dog waggling in a way to communicate or alert you to something they want you to have a look at also makes you have a different thinking dimension and appreciate the value of a pet as part of the family.

The same way it is relaxing having quality time with your children portraying their innocence through their never-ending questions, the laughter. Spending time with the dog also has the same effect.

Dogs reduce anxiety levels through long term bonding and even short-term interaction as you soothe their hair and have a welcoming hug from them at the end of the day. A study on patients with dogs at home, it was proved that allowing the dogs for a short duration for social attraction is therapeutic; it hastens healing among the patients.

Various studies have also proved interaction with dogs produces oxytocin- a hormone responsive for relaxation and happiness, in turn, reducing the production of cortisol a hormone solely responsible for depression and stress.

Once a hypertensive patient is subjected to stress and fatigue the blood pressure goes up. Having a dog in the home helps you to reduce anxiety and ignites production of oxytocin hormone; the overall effect is the reduction of blood pressure.

There are many causes of stress- loneliness being one of them. Dogs are companions and prevent loneliness which leads to too much thinking of any underlying challenges. The dog acts as a companion and the social interaction helps you forget the challenges and focus on it, automatically reducing stress. Check out related information here: .

There are many ways an individual can unwind others drink or have coffee with friends. Before using the dog as a stress reliever, ensure it works for you. Some individuals just want silence and time out for meditation with no interference, when they involve the dog it becomes a burden to them making the pet interaction not an effective stress reliever for them. Learn yourself and use the dog if you have proved it is an effective method.

As dogs can be used to release stress in your body, make sure that you are returning the favor back to them. Bring your dog to places in which it can inhale fresh air, it is not just for your dog’s benefits but also it will make a good effect on your body. Go to places like Lake County which surrounds with plants that can reduce stress and make you productive. Let us start planting trees and other kinds of plants which will be allow in Lake County. Can pineapple be planted in Lake County for the benefit of pet dogs and owner? Better know the answer by yourself. If you do so, it means that you were able to release your stress and made your dog benefited of the fresh air. Stay stress free with your dog.